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I have discovered some years ago that I am in tune with this planet. I guess you could say I have my feet on the ground. Flying is not my favorite way to travel, and I get seasick in all but 1 foot waves. I like the ground, I like to dig gardens, I like to hike up hills, I like to walk barefoot. During the winter I want to sleep, in Spring I get a burst of energy.

Yesterday our coven celebrated Ostara, it was a few days late but it was warmest day since the cold snap on the equinox. Although there was ice on the windshields in the morning and snow flurries the night before, it warmed up to about 53F. We celebrated the sabbot in the park pavillion across the street, and with the fire in the portable fire pit I purchased last week, we were comforatable.

The trees were just starting to show very light green buds that will become deeper in a few weeks. Dandelions were starting the first flush of yellow spots on the lawn. I have never thought of dandelions as a weed, the yellow spots are beautiful to me.

Kelly's children ran, rolled down the hill, hunted for eggs. Pam's baby boy threw hard-boiled eggs. I really miss my grandchildren on days like this.

After ritual, we ate, then there were tarot readings, and I was able to use my dousing skills to find Alex's glasses. It was a good afternoon.
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