Phantom Wiccan (phantom_luv) wrote in ancientcircle,
Phantom Wiccan

soon to get a horse

ok, so im incredibly happy. When I say soon, tho, i mean inlike 6 months to a year. LOL>

Whateverthe case, I have done all that I can to be sure all is set. I've worked out food payments and takc and grooming expenses, ect. all by day /month/per person. I know what im getting into. I have worked with horses and studied them since I could read. So dont worry im not in the need of the "know what yourgetting yourselfinto" thing, LOL. horses AREa big repsonisbility.Im well aware f it.

However, I want to ensure this happens. So I was wondering if anyone knows any prayers, meditation, or even spells, ( if nothing else), to place this on firmer feet and maybe makeit move along faster?
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