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couple of questions

hey guys, haven't posted in here for a long time, how are you all?

i have a question...particulary for the women but i'd certainly welcome comments from the men as well.

Do any of you females have trouble accepting the concepts of fertility in the rituals and rites? It seems that girls around my age (i'm 20) have difficulty really celebrating being a female in the sense of being a vessel for conception, dealing with birth images at ostara, beltane obviously, and generally dealing with being happy to have a womb when we've all been engrained with the idea that pregnancy is BAD. I realize that fully understanding the mother thing will come later in life but my generation was targeted to try and prevent teenage/unwanted pregnancies. My first reaction to celebrating fertility is fear and I've generally cut it out of my rituals in the past. How do you guys deal with that? Do you have these reactions?

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