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Teaching someone

Okay, well my girlfriend is not a pagan, as I have said before. The thing is, there are some rituals and things that need to be done by a woman, for instance, painting clorssed lines with foxglove dye or making dream catchers (Okay, i know that dreamcatchers are Native American and not pagan, but I did laern from a pow wow I attended that they are supposed to be made only by a woman, otherwise, they wont work). What I was wondering, however is what if I taught her to do it and she did it? Would that be okay? I mean, does the person performing a pagan ritual or doing a pagan spell need to be pagan? I know how to make foxglove dye. If I taught her how to make it, what to do with it, and explained to her why, then would it be okay? I mean if she wanted to. it's not like I'm trying to force her to do something she doesn't want to do. I was thinking I could have one of my female pagan friends to help me with things when a ritual or spell or something calls for a woman's touch, but the thing is, friends aren't with you forever. See, but lovers stay together. You know, if a person moves, his friends don't move with him, but his lover does. Well, that I suppose may only apply to married couples I guess, but I am totally getting off the point. The point is that I'm wanting to know if it is okay for me to teach her to do things and if it is okay for her to do them eventhough she is not pagan.
Well, that was a bit long-winded wasn't it?
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