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I had a dream that really affected me and thought I'd share.

Hi, my name is Robin. I've posted on here before but it's been quite a while back now. Anyway, I normally associate Ares with the male energy of the god. And had a wonderful dream this morning.

I dreamed I was wondering around a large stable/barn. It was daylight, and the sun's rays were filtering through the dust. All of the stalls were empty, but they had fresh yellow hay in them waiting for the horses to come back. The smell of the dust/hay was overpowering. I started looking down the aisles and noticed that a man was standing at the end of one. Immediately I knew it was Ares (I think I've mentioned he's my male aspect to work with on here before). So I start going down the aisles and he's just out of sight or just out of reach until I see him at the back of the stables. So I go up to him and say "Why didn't you come to me?" and he replied "It wasn't my place to seek you out". He told me he couldn't stay long. It seems like we talked about something else for a while and I can't remember what it was, and then he said he had to go. He gave me a hug, and then kissed my forehead and mouth (and not in a OMG we're making out way, more like a form of the five-fold kiss, just without the other three) and he leaves. My grandmother comes into the stable and gets really angry with me. At that point I woke up. And I've never felt more at peace, even though my grandmother was yelling at me right before I woke up, it was kinda muted, I guess. A wonderful birthday present, though, since I turned 25 today.
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