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Hi Everyone,

I'm not a stranger to tarot/fortune cards, and I tend to read my own quite often.

Of late, the goddess Ishtar card has come up in the reading time and time and time again.

The most common reading I do with my goddess cards are past, present and future, and she moves from one to the other yet almost always appears in every reading.  The book explains her as being a boundary card - that I shouldn't let others take my time and I should learn to say no to people.  And yet, I don't feel as though this is an issue in my life.

Does anyone else have ANY idea what else she might be trying to tell me? Becuase she's obviously hanging around for a reason.

A card that is often pops up next to Ishtar is the 'past lives' card, if that helps anyone.

I'd really appreciate some thoughts!

Thanks all!
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