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The Ancient Circle's Journal

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26th March 2007

elderwoodpixie9:06pm: cut for lengthCollapse )
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2nd February 2007

wyrd_sisters7:26am: Imbolc
May the blessings of Brigid be upon all who honor Her with sacred healing fire on this day.
Blessed Be.

25th January 2007

ravenwolf_gifts12:27pm: Introduction
Hi my name is Beverley *Peaceful Wolf* and I am an eclectic Wiccan. I discovered Wicca later in life (I'm 55 and have only been practicing for a few years now), but have found my peace in the calm of this ancient and beautiful religion. I've found that my calling is to help others in their everyday practice of Wicca and other spiritual religions. In discovering this I have opened a small business to sell spiritual products at low prices. I hope this is ok to post, if not let me know and I'll delete it. I've added a link to my website for everyone to view if they would like. I look forward to reading about everyones practices and beliefs and hopefully learning something new about my own.

~Blessed Be~

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21st December 2006

jinshei4:47pm: Ishtar
Hi Everyone,

I'm not a stranger to tarot/fortune cards, and I tend to read my own quite often.

Of late, the goddess Ishtar card has come up in the reading time and time and time again.

The most common reading I do with my goddess cards are past, present and future, and she moves from one to the other yet almost always appears in every reading.  The book explains her as being a boundary card - that I shouldn't let others take my time and I should learn to say no to people.  And yet, I don't feel as though this is an issue in my life.

Does anyone else have ANY idea what else she might be trying to tell me? Becuase she's obviously hanging around for a reason.

A card that is often pops up next to Ishtar is the 'past lives' card, if that helps anyone.

I'd really appreciate some thoughts!

Thanks all!
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6th December 2006

robinchristine12:14pm: I had a dream that really affected me and thought I'd share.
Hi, my name is Robin. I've posted on here before but it's been quite a while back now. Anyway, I normally associate Ares with the male energy of the god. And had a wonderful dream this morning.

I dreamed I was wondering around a large stable/barn. It was daylight, and the sun's rays were filtering through the dust. All of the stalls were empty, but they had fresh yellow hay in them waiting for the horses to come back. The smell of the dust/hay was overpowering. I started looking down the aisles and noticed that a man was standing at the end of one. Immediately I knew it was Ares (I think I've mentioned he's my male aspect to work with on here before). So I start going down the aisles and he's just out of sight or just out of reach until I see him at the back of the stables. So I go up to him and say "Why didn't you come to me?" and he replied "It wasn't my place to seek you out". He told me he couldn't stay long. It seems like we talked about something else for a while and I can't remember what it was, and then he said he had to go. He gave me a hug, and then kissed my forehead and mouth (and not in a OMG we're making out way, more like a form of the five-fold kiss, just without the other three) and he leaves. My grandmother comes into the stable and gets really angry with me. At that point I woke up. And I've never felt more at peace, even though my grandmother was yelling at me right before I woke up, it was kinda muted, I guess. A wonderful birthday present, though, since I turned 25 today.
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21st October 2006

anti_peace_riot6:01pm: Sabbat Cakes?
Hey everyone.

I was wondering if you had any recipes for Sabbat Cakes?

Any help would be appreciated

Blessed Be.

29th July 2006

therapycircles8:43pm: Astrology Chart
Okay, so my friend C is doing my numerology and astrology chart. He is still working on it, but briefly said in passing that he had seen that when I was born "the sun and venus were conjoint". Can anyone tell me more about what that means? Thanks.

Thanks, also, to those of you who previously offered to help if C couldn't do it.

Peace and Blessings.

- T

4th July 2006

therapycircles9:53pm: Any ideas of how I could get my chart done? I am not able to do it myself yet, and don't want to pick just some lame internet place. ideas or volunteers? thank you in advance for the information and help.
therapycircles9:53pm: Any ideas of how I could get my chart done? I am not able to do it myself yet, and don't want to pick just some lame internet place. ideas or volunteers? thank you in advance for the information and help.

1st July 2006

lynnaea6:05pm: What would you tell her?
My husband has had a request from a friend to help this person. She says she is being "haunted" by an entity. From time to time we get requests. I am posting this to see if others come to the same conclusion as we have. I can say she really wants help.

I cast her natal chart, she has sun in Leo (5th house), moon in Aries (12th house), her ascendent is also Aries. Mars (in 3rd house) squares her moon. Also Saturn is in Virgo (6th house) in conjunction with Venus.
What would you tell her?

(cropped for brevity. )

"To answer your questions:
I was born August 11th, 1:10 AM 1979
As far as I know, this being has been there throughout my life, I remember nightmares from early childhood in which it held presence. Not all of my nightmares mind you, just a few. But I only realized it was that thing in recent years.
.... it makes itself known in certain nightmares. I can always tell them apart from normal nightmares by the clear feeling of true danger instead of simple nightmare fears, it has a very distinctive presence. Outside of dreams, it makes itself known by a burning sensation down... I hesitate to say my skin, even my soul or astral self, it feels like a different part of my being entirely... Not even my mind.. But another part of the self parallel to the physical. In the past it has also been known to short out and burn out lights. It hates light.
As far as what I sense of it, I know it's trapped in the land under my parents' house, .......... it doesn't seem to have definite shape that I can sense. Almost like an amorphous blob that can reach up through that metaphysical crack with tendrils. ........From what I've learned from nightmares and the sensations I get from it, they wish for everything to be destroyed, the body, soul, earth, no afterlife for anything, no heaven, no hell, no limbo, even themselves. Complete oblivion...
It has made itself known to others in my presence before. There have been times when I've told friends of a specific nightmare it had invaded my mind with and then repeated once I had woken up, and at the same point in telling, in which I retell of the lights in my study burning out after waking, the lights in the room flickered. Same point in the story on two occassions in front of friends the lights in the living room have gone out momentarily.
......It leaves me with such a sense of burning dread when it invades my dreams. I've even tried prayer against it in times of lucid dreaming, but it simply laughed and came at me. There was one time when I begged my guardian angels to help me. There were three standing there at the time, not the strongest, but it was enough. They simply gave a smile and a nod and I was shocked fully awake instantly. I don't know if they were unable to do more or if more simply wasn't required to keep me safe from it. "

30th June 2006

blashamma1:22am: Teaching someone
Okay, well my girlfriend is not a pagan, as I have said before. The thing is, there are some rituals and things that need to be done by a woman, for instance, painting clorssed lines with foxglove dye or making dream catchers (Okay, i know that dreamcatchers are Native American and not pagan, but I did laern from a pow wow I attended that they are supposed to be made only by a woman, otherwise, they wont work). What I was wondering, however is what if I taught her to do it and she did it? Would that be okay? I mean, does the person performing a pagan ritual or doing a pagan spell need to be pagan? I know how to make foxglove dye. If I taught her how to make it, what to do with it, and explained to her why, then would it be okay? I mean if she wanted to. it's not like I'm trying to force her to do something she doesn't want to do. I was thinking I could have one of my female pagan friends to help me with things when a ritual or spell or something calls for a woman's touch, but the thing is, friends aren't with you forever. See, but lovers stay together. You know, if a person moves, his friends don't move with him, but his lover does. Well, that I suppose may only apply to married couples I guess, but I am totally getting off the point. The point is that I'm wanting to know if it is okay for me to teach her to do things and if it is okay for her to do them eventhough she is not pagan.
Well, that was a bit long-winded wasn't it?

27th June 2006

elderwoodpixie8:22am: Hi there folks!

I just joined up. My name is Laurie and I thought I would introduce myself by posting a journal entry that I wrote about a month ago:

You know what I just realized? Magic is a turn on. Magic, mind you, the real stuff. Not like I'm saying I get hot everytime some guy pulls a rabbit out of a hat or picks the right card. I mean that which allows the Tamson House to exist in more than one world, that which taught Jack Sawyer to cross into the Territories. I'm talking about the real magic, which might be better described as Mystery. Magic, which isn't really magic at all but so much more than that pedestrian word. It suffuses life, fills the heart, and touches the soul bringing with it a sense that all is possible. That the only limit is that of disbelief and with faith (for isn't it all about faith?) one can change the world.
I dream of magic, regularly. I dream of being in a building like Tamson House, being with people who, without knowing why, are drawn there. But I know why, in my dreams, I want to be there. The magic speaks to me in a language to which I respond in a way that is spiritual, emotional, and, yes, physical. My whole being craves Mystery, begs the world to let me in on it. My body wants its fulfillment more intensely than sex and when I wake, it's on the verge of a climax that is as much of the spirit as it is of the body. I wake feeling that I almost understood it all (and if I ever do, I'm sure, it will come with an orgasm that transports me, body and soul).

Most will never understand, I suppose, how I feel it, sense it. Magic, Mystery, in everything, investing the world with an under layer that is sensed but only seen in glimpses with a flash that briefly illuminates the worlds for all who would see. So many will not see, will not see, choose not to see. I cannot choose so.

Some part of me seeks it, like a lightening rod stretched eagerly to the sky. Like a tree root probing deeper and deeper into the nurturing earth with a will. I find it but only in my dreams. In the waking world I only sense it, feel it flow like an underground river, deep beneath my feet. But, in my dreams, it flows through me, empowers me, infuses me with life, love, power, Mystery! that arouses my soul and my body.

Upon waking it slips away, leaving an unfinished throbbing deep in my core. It makes me crave what I've lost and almost weep for the mundanity of it all. I spend my waking hours wishing and wondering how I can carry the Mystery out of my dreams and into my life. Wondering how I can make my own magic real, how I can find that elusive climax that my body believes is real and how I can bring magic, Mystery to my life, banishing futility and mundanity forever.

12th May 2006

thebamnster12:01am: Help?
I lost my Mom in December. She passed away December 13, 2006. I was just wondering if there is a ritual or a certain way in which wiccans mourn or pay their respects to the dead. I feel stupid that I dont know this.

10th May 2006

damianarose1:00pm: Dream Help Cross Posted
Okay this is a little detailed but here goes.

The three day before I start my monlthy cycle I dream about Scott at night. Scott is my ex boyfriend. I haven't see him since our daughter was a week old. (She's 2 1/2 now) He was abusive and I left the state to get away from him. I loved him more than anything. He isn't apart of our lives... I've been single ever since so for more than 3 years now.

He was my everything, but I've gotten over it.. Yes I still have trust issues, yes I'm still bitter. I mean he cheated, lied and was pretty much the worse person.... I don't usually even think about him. But it's like my mind is trying to tell me something. I dream about him on the nights before I'm going to start and I don't know why.

I need clarification... Or a spell I can use to stop this.... Anything... I need help from other witches. I want him out of my head.

7th May 2006

corvidae3331:02am: Hello, I'm going to bore you all with my statement of "hi I'm new here." Heh.
Real/Given Name: Erika
Craft Name (Optional): none
Where In The World You Live: upstate NY
Specific Path or Path of Interest: Neopagan of the Wiccan variety
Patron Deity (if any): I’m beginning to think it’s Thor
Religious/Spiritual Background: Lutheran
Type of Pagan Practice: Solitary
Types of Divination Practiced: Tarot
Element: Either fire or water
Sacred Tree(s): Ash
Sacred Stone(s): Amber
Spirit Animal(s)/Familiar(s): crow, tiger

I know I just got here, but can I please rant about something? First off, I'm a college student and I've been reading about and attempting to practice Wicca for about eight years. I'm a bit rusty now because I have no time to do my own reading (in fact, I'm supposed to be writing a final paper right now), but in any case...what I want to rant about is that I feel stuck. Like I said, I've been reading and experimenting for eight years and I still feel like I don't know anything. This faith/spirituality/religion whatever you prefer to call it, whether we want to admit it or not, I feel has been hijacked by tons of people who treat it like a fandom. This faith is perfect for me in practically every other way except for the way its being treated and handled. Don't even get me started on all those poor souls reading Ravenwolf's stuff and having NO IDEA (through no fault of their own) that she's totally leading them by the nose. (I was one of them!)I mean, I don't even encounter people who say "you're going to hell" even halfsomuch as the people who assume that I'm only trying to be a rebel and that I'm going through a phase. I'm so exhausted by those who use it as a bragging point or to elevate themselves in a self-involved way. Let's face it, this thing is so abused. Even most of the pagan adults that I've met have used it to raise themselves above others in a very self-righteous way. God, all I want is some grounded people in it for the faith and not to show off. It things like this that make me wary about other Wiccans and Wiccan communities. A little humility would really help us out, I think. It's reasons like this that have made me sink back from the title Wiccan and generalize myself as simply pagan. Anyone have some optimistic insight..?
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1st May 2006

blashamma1:05pm: Yay for the first of May!
Happy May Day everyone!

I'm a bit dissappointed because I can't have my traditional fire since we're under a burn ban because of the lack of rain and excess wind. It rained alot yesterday, which I'm hoping is in response to the rain spells I've been doing, but today is very windy. I called the fire department today to ask if I could have a fire in my back yard today, but they said I could only if it wasn't windy. So I'm going to get the pile ready just in case the wind stops for tonight. Other than that, I'm going to continue with other things.

What does everyone else do? If you have a tardition that doesn't require a fire, then maybe I can do something else instead.

30th April 2006

mysticfire7:32am: Help!
What can I do about my allergies? I tried treating them myself with bee pollen/honey as well as a homeopathic liquid. I even invested in some Claritin-D (24-hours). Woke up this morning with even less vocal ability. Anything I can do today since I can't get to the doc until tomorrow.

23rd April 2006

gypsywoman2:12pm: couple of questions
hey guys, haven't posted in here for a long time, how are you all?

i have a question...particulary for the women but i'd certainly welcome comments from the men as well.

Do any of you females have trouble accepting the concepts of fertility in the rituals and rites? It seems that girls around my age (i'm 20) have difficulty really celebrating being a female in the sense of being a vessel for conception, dealing with birth images at ostara, beltane obviously, and generally dealing with being happy to have a womb when we've all been engrained with the idea that pregnancy is BAD. I realize that fully understanding the mother thing will come later in life but my generation was targeted to try and prevent teenage/unwanted pregnancies. My first reaction to celebrating fertility is fear and I've generally cut it out of my rituals in the past. How do you guys deal with that? Do you have these reactions?

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17th April 2006

wiccanmitz3:35pm: Question
I was just wondering if any of you are in the Antelope Valley, CA area. If you are, can you recommend any good occult/pagan/New Age shops in Palmdale, Lancaster, or Valencia? Thanks.
Blessed Be!

14th April 2006

phantom_luv11:06am: soon to get a horse
ok, so im incredibly happy. When I say soon, tho, i mean inlike 6 months to a year. LOL>

Whateverthe case, I have done all that I can to be sure all is set. I've worked out food payments and takc and grooming expenses, ect. all by day /month/per person. I know what im getting into. I have worked with horses and studied them since I could read. So dont worry im not in the need of the "know what yourgetting yourselfinto" thing, LOL. horses AREa big repsonisbility.Im well aware f it.

However, I want to ensure this happens. So I was wondering if anyone knows any prayers, meditation, or even spells, ( if nothing else), to place this on firmer feet and maybe makeit move along faster?

6th April 2006

blashamma9:44am: Satanism
Hello. I am doing a project for school about Satanism, and I was wondering if anyone here was a Satanist. I do have a large amount of information, so I don't really need information, but I would like an interview because it would add credibility, a personal aspect, as well as a varied source.

If you are a Satanist and would like to be interviewed, please e-mail me at reimagination@yahoo.com

Thank You

27th March 2006

lynnaea11:54am: Spring
I have discovered some years ago that I am in tune with this planet. I guess you could say I have my feet on the ground. Flying is not my favorite way to travel, and I get seasick in all but 1 foot waves. I like the ground, I like to dig gardens, I like to hike up hills, I like to walk barefoot. During the winter I want to sleep, in Spring I get a burst of energy.

Yesterday our coven celebrated Ostara, it was a few days late but it was warmest day since the cold snap on the equinox. Although there was ice on the windshields in the morning and snow flurries the night before, it warmed up to about 53F. We celebrated the sabbot in the park pavillion across the street, and with the fire in the portable fire pit I purchased last week, we were comforatable.

The trees were just starting to show very light green buds that will become deeper in a few weeks. Dandelions were starting the first flush of yellow spots on the lawn. I have never thought of dandelions as a weed, the yellow spots are beautiful to me.

Kelly's children ran, rolled down the hill, hunted for eggs. Pam's baby boy threw hard-boiled eggs. I really miss my grandchildren on days like this.

After ritual, we ate, then there were tarot readings, and I was able to use my dousing skills to find Alex's glasses. It was a good afternoon.

25th March 2006

blashamma11:47pm: magic and science
One thing I always hate is that people think I'm contradictory when I say I'm Pagan, and yet I think about things scientifically. Like, here are some examples.
I live in St.Augustine, which is considered a very haunted city. So there are numerous people who say certain places are haunted, and then they try to tell me why, but then I tell them I don't think it's haunted, and give them possible reasons for why something happens that are based on reason and logic. The people will wonder why I don't believe in ghosts and the paranormal, and I have to explain that I do.
Also, sometimes there are people who do spells, and they think it's unexplainable magic. But then I explain how it could be possible in a scientific way, and then they get all mad at me because I tried to explain something.
And then there are the people who don't think herbal medicines aren't for real and don't take them seriously, or take them in conjunction with conventional medicine thinking that they wont have averse affects because it's not real medicine, and they don't realize that herbs have the same chemical compounds found in conventional medicine. Herbal medicine is real medicine. Aspirin has the same chemicals that are found in willow bark, for example.
It just bothers me that so many people think that it's not possible to have science and magic in the same mind, but I actually see them as the same thing. So I don't get it, and it frustrates me sometimes.

20th March 2006

lynnaea1:17pm: Ostara
Happy Ostara everyone!!

Blessed be.
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