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magic and science

One thing I always hate is that people think I'm contradictory when I say I'm Pagan, and yet I think about things scientifically. Like, here are some examples.
I live in St.Augustine, which is considered a very haunted city. So there are numerous people who say certain places are haunted, and then they try to tell me why, but then I tell them I don't think it's haunted, and give them possible reasons for why something happens that are based on reason and logic. The people will wonder why I don't believe in ghosts and the paranormal, and I have to explain that I do.
Also, sometimes there are people who do spells, and they think it's unexplainable magic. But then I explain how it could be possible in a scientific way, and then they get all mad at me because I tried to explain something.
And then there are the people who don't think herbal medicines aren't for real and don't take them seriously, or take them in conjunction with conventional medicine thinking that they wont have averse affects because it's not real medicine, and they don't realize that herbs have the same chemical compounds found in conventional medicine. Herbal medicine is real medicine. Aspirin has the same chemicals that are found in willow bark, for example.
It just bothers me that so many people think that it's not possible to have science and magic in the same mind, but I actually see them as the same thing. So I don't get it, and it frustrates me sometimes.
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