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What would you tell her?

My husband has had a request from a friend to help this person. She says she is being "haunted" by an entity. From time to time we get requests. I am posting this to see if others come to the same conclusion as we have. I can say she really wants help.

I cast her natal chart, she has sun in Leo (5th house), moon in Aries (12th house), her ascendent is also Aries. Mars (in 3rd house) squares her moon. Also Saturn is in Virgo (6th house) in conjunction with Venus.
What would you tell her?

(cropped for brevity. )

"To answer your questions:
I was born August 11th, 1:10 AM 1979
As far as I know, this being has been there throughout my life, I remember nightmares from early childhood in which it held presence. Not all of my nightmares mind you, just a few. But I only realized it was that thing in recent years.
.... it makes itself known in certain nightmares. I can always tell them apart from normal nightmares by the clear feeling of true danger instead of simple nightmare fears, it has a very distinctive presence. Outside of dreams, it makes itself known by a burning sensation down... I hesitate to say my skin, even my soul or astral self, it feels like a different part of my being entirely... Not even my mind.. But another part of the self parallel to the physical. In the past it has also been known to short out and burn out lights. It hates light.
As far as what I sense of it, I know it's trapped in the land under my parents' house, .......... it doesn't seem to have definite shape that I can sense. Almost like an amorphous blob that can reach up through that metaphysical crack with tendrils. ........From what I've learned from nightmares and the sensations I get from it, they wish for everything to be destroyed, the body, soul, earth, no afterlife for anything, no heaven, no hell, no limbo, even themselves. Complete oblivion...
It has made itself known to others in my presence before. There have been times when I've told friends of a specific nightmare it had invaded my mind with and then repeated once I had woken up, and at the same point in telling, in which I retell of the lights in my study burning out after waking, the lights in the room flickered. Same point in the story on two occassions in front of friends the lights in the living room have gone out momentarily.
......It leaves me with such a sense of burning dread when it invades my dreams. I've even tried prayer against it in times of lucid dreaming, but it simply laughed and came at me. There was one time when I begged my guardian angels to help me. There were three standing there at the time, not the strongest, but it was enough. They simply gave a smile and a nod and I was shocked fully awake instantly. I don't know if they were unable to do more or if more simply wasn't required to keep me safe from it. "
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