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I have this next-door neighbour, Cindy who's managed to alienate most of the people on the block. Things have always been a little interesting over there. From domestic violence to the SWAT team in my backyard because of the upstairs tennant, it seems the cops are always watching the place. Cindy, herself, is a nasty piece of work, sometimes. She and we haven't been on speaking terms for years over a couple of issues too long to go into here. She tends to keep to herself these days and we do, too. It works for us.

Last week, Cindy called me. She said that her ex was trying to take her back to court, claiming she had a job she wasn't claiming and she wanted to know who came to my house that afternoon because people are asking about her in the neighbourhood. She sounded damn paranoid but she also sounded like she was having a serious panic attack.

She told me that she didn't even know why she was calling me but that something made her do it. Then she blurted out that she was seeing ghosts. She went on and on and got a little incoherent here and there but this was what I was able to make of it.

She's suddenly seeing her mother around the house, and her deceased sister. The doors are unlocking when they should be locked and lights keep turning on and off. One light that hasn't worked for years is suddenly going on and off, too. Her mother seems sad, and is trying to say something but her sister is manifesting some weird shit. Seems her sister was killed by a shattering window and she's got glass shards all through her and when she shows up, Cindy sees glass shards in her tea and her food.

She's falling apart but she's convinced she's not crazy and , although I don't know why, I believe her. The call ended up with me recommending a place where she could enlist the aid of a medium and I also suggested counselling. By the end of the call, she had almost managed to start denying that anything was wrong and she said, again that she didn't even know what made her call me. Then we said goodbye. It was strange, I could almost see her drawing that veil back over her eyes. I knew that if I tried to call her back, she'd probably say, "What the hell are you calling me for?" Acting if as it had never happened would be totally in character for her at the best of times.

Afterward, I was wondering if maybe I was meant to help her. I mean, she called me, of all people and I was the first person she'd spoken to who seemed to be in a position to even believe her. (I thought it might be a lesson in whether I could help someone I strongly disliked.) I thought maybe I should've done more. So I called Mom and talked it over with her and she said that she thought I had done enough. She figured that, seeing as I was not equipped to handle the situation, that pointing her in the right direction was all I needed to do. She also told me that the reason Cindy called me was because I have become a "whitelighter". Not the the guardian angel sense of "Charmed" but in that as I've grown, I've begun to shine with a white light and that light attracts people who seek or need it.

That made me feel really, really good. I'm a white light, now. *grin* I feel like I've achieved a real life goal here and at the same time, I feel like I've just stepped up to something entirely new as green as a sapling. Of course, that's only Mom's opinion so far, but it's an opinion I value. Mom's got a white light you can see a mile away these days.

I was told once that I was a medium. Well, that the potential is untapped inside of me. I've only ever touched on it before, when I'm reading tea leaves. But I wonder, what's next? And I'm gettng excited.

Cross-posted to comm and my LJ just for sharing.
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